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Ahh. . . Topsail Island

At my home away from home. Working, of course, but what a place to work! The beach is now wide and beautiful. (Here’s my blog post made during the renourishment). The change is amazing! I’ll be at Quarter Moon Books Friday from 2-4. Stop by!

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Beach Renourishment in my Backyard

Well, I brought my work-in-progress down to my Topsail Island condo for some quality revision time. I knew the Topsail Beach beach renourishment project was in full swing, but I didn’t realize I’d have a front row seat for the show! It’s hard to get anything done when I’m riveted by what’s going on outside…

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To E or not to E! That is the Question

I need your opinions, whether you read e-books or not. I have seven books that have long been out of print and I’ve now made four of them (Secret Lives, Reflection, Brass Ring and The Escape Artist) available as e-books. Very soon, I’ll have a fifth book up (Fire and Rain).  Now I’m trying to…

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Giving Up on Character Names

No, I’m not going to start numbering the people in my books, but I am hereby abandoning my obsessive need to give each character a brand new, never before used, name.  A couple of years ago, I asked my assistant to go through my books (seventeen at the time) and list all the first names…

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My Readers are Ageless!

I’m always asked the question “What age group reads your books?”, and I always respond that I seem to have readers of all ages. Today, I present my proof! I recently heard from Sierra Dobbie, a young lady who lives in Ontario, Canada. She’d reviewed Before the Storm on her blog The Reading Chic and…

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Porking Out

One of the best meals we had at the NINC conference was at the Habana Cafe in Gulfport, Florida. It was incredible! Most of us had the lechon asado which is a Cuban pork dish with flavors I’d never tasted before. The restaurant sells a cookbook full of its recipes. Yum! Here I am with my…

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Winning Cover for The Escape Artist E-book

Thank you for all your votes! I tallied up the votes both here and on Facebook and this image is the clear winner with 34 votes.  Second place was the little boy peering over the woman’s shoulder (24), which I have to admit fits the book very well, but one reader mentioned that the little…

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The Escape Artist Cover–One More Time

I’m still not happy with my concept for The Escape Artist’s E-book cover, so I hope you’re willing to vote one more time. I’m not going to bother with the text (my name and the title) until I make my final decision. Remember the book needs to stand out in a thumnail size on Amazon…

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