Recipe of the Week: 10 Minute Ginger Shrimp and Rice

doneThis is the extremely easy cheating version of a recipe I posted last year. It loses a bit of flavor in the rice, but saves you time. The only thing that bugs me about this recipe is that I can’t find frozen snow peas that are stringless. Do you have a favorite brand? If I want to make this for company, I use fresh snow peas so my guests don’t have to pull strings out of their teeth. But then it’s no longer a ten minute recipe.

Here we go…

Ginger Shrimp and Rice

2 servings


– 2 cups cooked white rice (to make this in 10 minutes, I use the microwavable jasmine or basmati rice. I know, I know. That’s really cheating but you can’t beat 90 seconds in the microwave.)

– 12 ounces large shrimp, peeled and deveined (I use frozen peeled and deveined shrimp and thaw it in a colander under cold running water for  about five minutes)

– 1 microwavable bag of frozen snow peas

-1 1/2  T cornstarch

– 1 T diced fresh ginger (I have a tiny food processor that’s perfect for this. Just peel a chunk of ginger, slice it across the grain into a few pieces and pop in the processor).

– splash of whatever oil you like for stir frying

– 2 large cloves garlic, crushed (see my fab new garlic crusher here. Or just drop them in that little food processor and let it spin.

– salt and pepper

– half a lemon


– pop the bag of snow peas in the microwave and set the timer for about 5 minutes.

– Mix the cornstarch, salt and pepper and ginger in a bowl. Add the thawed shrimp and stir to coat with the cornstarch mixture.

before done

– heat the oil in a large frying pan

– toss the shrimp and garlic into the frying pan. Stir fry it for about four minutes, turning it with tongs. Be careful not to overcook

– while you’re making the shrimp, the timer on the microwave should go off. Take out the peas and let them sit in the bag while you nuke the rice for 90 seconds.

– divide the rice between two bowls or plates. Top with the snow peas and the shrimp. Squeeze a little lemon over each bowl.

-Kick back and enjoy all that time you saved!

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