Recipe of the Week: Parmesan Baked Salmon

salmonI spoke to my neighbor Joyce’s book club a few years ago and she served this amazing salmon dish. She’s given me permission to share it with you. Hers was served in a large rectangular baking dish, since she was feeding a crowd, so I honestly don’t know how the amounts translate here. You’ll have to experiment, but that’s half the fun of cooking, right? How often do you eat salmon? I could eat it every night. Easiest thing in the world to cook. I admit the mayo in this recipe sort of negates the health benefits of the salmon, but every once in a while, we need a treat. Here goes:

Joyce’s Parmesan Baked Salmon


-Salmon filets (or you could use cod or orange roughy)
-1/3 cup mayonnaise
-2 T grated Parmesan cheese
-2 T snipped chives or green onions
-1/2 t white wine Worcestershire sauce (I use regular Worcestershire since that’s always on hand)


-Rinse fish and pat dry. (If I’m making a small amount for just the two of us, I sometimes skin the salmon. It’s a pain, but I prefer it skinless. There are videos on Youtube to tell you how to do this.)

-Lightly oil baking dish.

-Stir together mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, chives and Worcestershire sauce. Spread mixture over fish.

-Bake uncovered in a 450 oven for 15 minutes (check middle of fish to be sure it’s done if fillet is thick. In my oven, it takes 20 minutes to cook, but I have a wonky 1980s oven).




  1. Beverly Atkins on February 19, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    Sounds delicious! I love Salmon.

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