Have you Ever Given an Interview in a Bathtub?

(The online booksigning continues until May 7th. Request your bookplate if you haven’t already!)

I’m on the Surf City, NC pier. It’s sunny and the water is a stunning blue. From this picture, you’d never know that the end of the pier is crammed with fishermen (and fisherwomen and fisherkids)–that’s how long this pier is. I love piers. I love the feeling of walking straight out to sea without getting wet or seasick. There are a lot of sunbathers on the beach today along with surfers patiently waiting for a good wave. Every time one of the guys catches a wave, John shoots him (with his camera, of course). I know he’s getting some great shots.

I’m covered in sunscreen and ladybugs. I’ve rescued three of the little cuties from under my t-shirt already and a guy just told me three more are crawling around on my hat. I’m loving this down time. Last week was so crazy and next week is only going to be crazier. With the launch of The Midwife’s Confession, I’m suddenly inundated with interviews and requests for guest blogs and travel plans for booksignings. My calendar looks like it’s exploded (the hair appointment had to go…).  As long as I have time to eat and get a little sleep,  though, there’s nothing I’d rather do than talk about my book. Even if it has to be from my bathtub, which is what happened Thursday. We had some scary weather in North Carolina (again) and since our beach place is just a little two bedroom condo on stilts, we were hoping the tornadoes that were racing through the south wouldn’t reach us. I had an interview scheduled with a Wrightsville Beach newspaper, so I shut myself in the second bedroom with the phone. In the middle of the call, John poked his head in the room to tell me there was a tornado warning for our area. I wasn’t going to let my interviewer go since I didn’t know when else I could squeeze her in, so I climbed into the tub with the phone and two dogs and we continued our conversation. No tornado, thank goodness. I’m willing to bet that was a first for the interviewer as well as for me!

Now I’m thinking about what I’ll talk about at my booksignings. I’ll read a little bit from the Midwife, of course, but I really prefer talking about the process of writing and answering audience questions, so here is my question for you: What would you like to hear me talk about if you were in my audience?


  1. Margo on May 2, 2011 at 8:02 am

    Diane, I would love to hear you talk about the process that develops when an idea or inspiration comes to you…what starts to give you an idea for a book and do you immediately start writing bits and pieces down on paper?
    There are bound to be a million things that catch your eye but I’ve always wondered what the key thing was that made you ‘click’ and realize a book could form from a certain event.
    I’m so glad the tornado missed you…I live in an area where tornadoes are commonplace, especially in the Spring, so I know how frightening it can be.
    An interview in the bathtub…there’s a first for everything, right? (-O:

  2. Rob Lopresti on May 2, 2011 at 9:57 am

    Great story, Diane. I wonder what the dogs thought?

  3. Diane Chamberlain on May 2, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    Thanks for those suggestions, Margo. I have the feeling NC is turning into tornado country too. Second time in a few weeks. My weather radio just arrived!
    Rob, the dogs were not happy! They were afraid it was bath time.

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