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Story Weekend is Back! "I Feel Rich When. . . "

Story Weekend fans, thanks for your patience while I finished my as-yet-to-be-titled 2013 book. I made my deadline and after this weekend, I’ll have finished my revisions. I have to say, I love this book! I hope you will, too. We’re on Topsail Island right now. The past couple of evenings, I’ve been writing on…

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Signing Books at Quarter Moon Books and Gifts!

How I love Quarter Moon Books! Every year, owner Lori Fisher has tweaked her wonderful Topsail Beach store in some exciting new way. This year, she added a patio out front where people can enjoy a smoothie or sip wine from the new wine bar. I love signing books at QMB because, in addition to…

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Entering the Crazy Time

I’m in the final three-month stretch to my deadline, which means little sleep and an excuse to eat badly. I was one of those people who loved cramming for exams. So exciting! What makes it even crazier and more fun is having a new book, The Good Father, out at the same time. So I’m…

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Story Weekend: Bridges

Driving onto Topsail Island yesterday, I was stuck in traffic because the old swing bridge was open to let boats pass through on the intracoastal waterway. It’s the one place I don’t mind being stuck. Sitting there, I could already feel my body shifting to island time, even though I was accompanied by my computer,…

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What's on Your Creativity Agenda This Week?

 We’re at the beach for a few days of writing and photography. Here’s the sunset view from my deck captured with my iPad (clearly I’m not the photographer!). I’ll be writing with pen on paper tomorrow, as I like to do every once in a while to tap into a different part of my brain,…

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Searching for Shark Teeth

Okay, so this ocean pic is mine. You can tell by how crooked it is, if nothing else. Doesn’t matter. I love this morning view from our deck, where I’ve set up my computer to work. The other thing I love is looking for sharks’ teeth. When we started coming to Topsail Island a few…

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Thoughts from the Carolina Coast

Yet another gorgeous day on Topsail Island. The photo is one of many John made on “our” beach yesterday. I just came in from sitting on the deck, staring out to sea. It’s the sort of view that makes nothing earthly matter. Not the dirty carpet, the door that sticks, not rheumatoid arthritis or the…

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Story Weekend Theme: Storms

  Well, what else? That’s what’s on my mind right now as we batten down the hatches here in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. So far, it’s quiet out there. I only wish it could stay that way! The image at the left is not from Hurricane Irene, but rather from last October when a…

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