Creating a Story: Day 2

I’m off to breakfast, but wanted to quickly catch you up on the second day of creating a story. Here’s what I did:

I changed my mind about a couple of the Points of View, settling for now on four women, three of them thirty-nine/forty and one eighteen. 

I finished the character sketches.

I named absolutely everyone, first and surnames, and made some necessary family charts.

I then created a storyline “thread” for each POV character. That means I took each one separately and listed what happens to her during the story, focusing more on action than emotion. Emotion comes later, although some of it crept in, of course, since it informs the action. I gave each line of the thread a number or letter, so that I can move the lines around later. (In other words, I may insert action number 67 between lines FF and GG. If I were at home, I’d have these actions on notecards spread across my dining room table, so I could move them around at ease. Right now, everything is going into a notebook.

Today I’ll start weaving the threads together. But for now, I’m being called to breakfast!



  1. Gina on November 1, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    Sounds like everything is coming along Diane. Can’t wait for your next book. I’m getting so excited hearing about all this.
    I haven’t been around much, just been having a very busy month. I hope to catch up on everything soon.
    Hope everyone is doing well.

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