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A Most Shocking Day

Serious kudos to the Mayo Clinic. This place operates with a sort of efficiency I’ve never before experienced. I had three tests scheduled today. One at 7:30, another at 10:30, another at 1:30. That’s a lot of waiting between tests. When I finished my 7:30 test, I went to the area where the 10:30 would…

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The Schizophrenic Life of a Techno-Reader

My reading life is out of control. With the advent of ebooks, I worried that authors would lose income because they make less on an ebook than they do on a “paper” book, but if most readers are anything like me, authors have nothing to worry about. Take for example, the book I’m reading right…

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Searching for Soundtracks

When I was on my writing retreat week before last, I wrote at least eight hours a day. I listened to soundtracks on my iPod the whole time, and while I have quite a few, I grew tired of listening to the same tracks over and over again. I would love some suggestions for new writing music. I…

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Audio Books in Bed

I bought my first iPod about a year ago and I’m an addict. I love listening to my favorite soundtracks as I write, so I’ve loaded all of them on the iPod, along with some Springsteen, some meditation music, and chants by Krishna Das. But most of all, I love listening to books. The iPod is…

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