Story Weekend: Identical Twins you have a  story about identical twins? We’d love to hear it!

If you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I pick a theme and you share something from your life that relates to that theme, however you interpret it. Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed. As always, there are a few “rules”:

▪ The story must be true

▪ Try to keep it under 100 words. Embrace the challenge! That’s about six or seven lines in the comment form. I want others to read your story, and most people tend to skip if it’s too long. I know how tough it is to “write tight” but I hope you’ll accept this as a challenge. Happy writing!


  1. Ann Howe on November 29, 2014 at 8:54 am

    At school we had an Art teacher who could never remember names. She also had a severe glide of one eye. As a class of teenagers we liked to cause a bit of disruption and in her fury she’d rant and yell ” you, stand up!” My twin and I would place ourselves in the appropriate places and she would yell ” not you, YOU” and would then complicate things, by asking which one was which ! Hysterics followed.

  2. Bridget on November 29, 2014 at 9:20 am

    My 89 year old mom has an identical twin. They must call each other 20 times a day! They tell the story that when one was pregnant the non-pregnant twin knew before the pregnant one did, as she was the one having morning sickness! Their current plan is that when they die they be cremated and their ashes put together, then dispersed. Kind of creepy, but their theory is they were together before they were born and want to be together after they are dead.

  3. Robin on December 2, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    I have identical twin boys, age 22…They participated in many of the same activities in school and church so they had t-shirts from those activities. It never failed when they would be getting ready for school they would come out of their individual bedrooms and have identical shirts on! They always complained and I would tell them that whoever didn’t want to be dressed as a “twin” had to go back and change.

  4. KatheeSue on December 3, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    Nothing was normal for this pregnancy; I didn’t start to show until the 4 month and by 7 months, I gained 47 pounds. I swore I felt 2 babies kicking but my midwife only heard one heartbeat. The doctor I had to visit as a requirement for using a midwife said in response to my weight gain, “a balloon is easier to blow up the 3rd time around.” I went into labor two weeks later, delivering a preemie sized girl at home. I expected to see a squishy tummy afterwards but instead saw my still protruding belly and asked my midwife why. She then admitted, “because there’s another baby in there.” The second baby was transverse lie (sideways) and my midwife couldn’t turn her, so we had to get an ambulance transport to the hospital for an emergency C-section. My twin girls have different birth locations.

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