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The First LieOne of my readers just let me know that The First Lie is already available for preorder, so I think it’s time for me to tell you about it. The First Lie is a short story inspired by my next novel, Necessary Lies, which will be out in September. Set on a tobacco farm in North Carolina, the story introduces you to thirteen-year-old Ivy Hart  on the night her fifteen-year-old sister gives birth. I wrote The First Lie after writing the book, and I loved getting to take my characters back a couple of years and discover a little more of their beginnings.

The First Lie will only be available in ebook format and only in the US. (Sorry UK and AU readers!) It sells for 99 cents. If you’d like to preorder or just read a little more about it, here’s the Amazon link, but it’s also available for other e-readers as well. Have fun!


  1. Stephanie S. on March 5, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    Yay! I’m so anxious for your nest book Diane!!

  2. Rebecca Green Gasper on March 6, 2013 at 12:59 am

    This sounds amazing and what a great idea to release a short story to get readers excited about your next book. And I love the cover. I will be picking up a copy and excitedly waiting the September release of Necessary Lies. I know I’ll love it- love all your books 🙂

  3. Deb Tyson on March 6, 2013 at 6:28 am

    September seems so far away! Necessary Lies sound intriguing. Keep on writing great books and I will keep on reading them!

  4. Cindy Mathes on March 8, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    Pre Ordering before reading all the facts, I was surprised when the order went through and they thanked me for Pre Ordering and it would be delivered to my Kindle on June 4th…What??? Diane, how am I going to wait that long??? And the other book isn’t out until September…Hmmmm. Wait Wait Wait… I have to say that I am not good at that… Seriously, I really am excited. Thanks again for sharing with us all the steps of your journey. Giving us ownership by asking our input on characters and places. Giving us a glimpse into the process of making your stories come alive….

  5. Beverley Gage on March 22, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Well im really sad that i cant read your book as i live uk .I will just have wait and hope I will soon.

    I started reading your books about six weeks ago and now i cant stop. So not to worry about the wait as iv got alot of books to go lol.iv just finshed the escape artist which I really enjoyed .

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