The Haunted Mansion

I just read Alex Sokoloff’s description of the Weymouth mansion on the Murderati blog and she is so right on that I’ll share it with you so you can have the full flavor of the house. I’m still home, getting a later start back to Weymouth than I wanted to, but needed to share Alex’s thoughts. Since she’s writing about a haunting in a house similar to the mansion, she really is a little freaked out. Of course, the rest of us are just fine.  =:-0


  1. Margo on January 14, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Diane, I loved reading Alex’s blog on the mansion especially since you had shown us pics last year. Altho a little spooky, I think it’s very intriguing and the ‘friendly’ ghost would be incredible in 1 of your books D! About 10 years ago I read a novel where the main character stayed in an old Victorian mansion and found a journal there…the writings he found were written many years ago by a lady who escaped from England and came to the US…as a ghost, she makes an appearance in the book. I’ve never forgotten the story which also makes me think there’s an awesome novel waiting to be written in the walls of Weymouth.

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