What I'm Reading

Into non-fiction at the moment as I do more research for my Work-in-Progress. So I’m reading various books on Post-Partum Depression, which has definitely increased my sympathy for the poor mom (still without her permanent name) in my story. I’m reading about swim teams and fire departments, and I’m also reading books on afterlife encounters. Don’t ask. . .


  1. brenda on December 28, 2006 at 8:31 pm

    The little ones are on their way to Indy. My son is staying until New Year’s but the house is silent.
    Have had a couple of deaths this Christmas again-uncles-as last year-so sad…now my husband’s brother=in-law is in intensive care.
    I am finished cooking except my cheesy potato soup for New Year’s…am studying, reading, etc.
    I love Irish Fiction…love it…Have ordered Edna O’Brien’s latest and another book (not Irish fiction) about a man and woman who get together after 40 years apart…they should come after school begins.
    GOOD NEWS: I do the paper work-and hope there are no glitches-for graduation next week…of course, go back to school and to grad school…busy semester again…
    Think of me-I am having a difficult time retaining info for humanities comps (theory, etc…) not easy for me…
    The rest of the work is not bad.
    Hope all of you had a great Christmas…we played games, ate good food, played doll house and dolls, worked with the little one (talking), and went to Clay Center Museum-for Elmo’s show…fun…
    Hope the writing is going well…
    take care

  2. Diane Chamberlain on December 28, 2006 at 9:16 pm

    Brenda, sorry about the losses in your family. It sounds like you were able to have an excellent holiday in spite of it all. I’m so glad.
    Quiet in blogdom over the holidays! Will be back up and running very soon.

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