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Archive for September 2006

John's Big Day

          We are tired! Especially John. One more day of the art fair at the Sertoma Arts Center (if you’re in Raleigh, drop on by!). He got a bad spot for his booth, but the people who came by were wowed by his florals. I lost track of how many people…

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WIP-Why Can't I Ever Write a Simple Story??

You know, I start out with a nice simple premise: “A boy becomes an unlikely hero when he rescues teens from a fire . . .until the finger of suspicion begins pointing in his direction.” Then suddenly I’ve got subplots all over the place, characters begging to be given bigger roles, and twists and turns that spell…

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Characters We Care About . . .or Not

What makes us care? And equally as important, what makes us NOT care? I’m reading a novel–I’m not going to identify it because I hate panning another writer’s book–and I just don’t care. The book sold very well. The premise is wonderful, the writing far better than mine, but I. . . don’t. . .care…

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Interesting Day!

Before I tell you about my day, let me just mention that if any of you have been trying to order more than one out-of-print book on my website, I know you’ve had problems! My webmistress promises to fix that page early next week, so please do try again then. Now, on to today. The…

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Unveiling my New Website!

Finally! Come on over by clicking on the lighthouse above and check out the new look, then let me know what you think. If you need some of my out of print books, there’s a way you can order (some) of them from the site. I love the clean new graphics and I look forward to…

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My Writers' Group and My WIP

I’m excited! My writers’ group met tonight (we meet every three or four weeks) and I asked for help brainstorming a thorny problem I was having with one of my characters. I don’t want to give anything away, so let’s just say I couldn’t think of a reason for this character to behave the way…

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Music Wanted!

Okay, this has nothing to do with writing, but I realized yesterday that I need some new-to-me music in my life.  I still listen to either classical or oldies stations on the radio because I have no idea what else is out there. I like almost all music with the exception of jazz. I particularly love…

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WIP: Working Backwards

When I first started writing, I took an adult school class on Writing the Novel. The homework after the first class was to decide how our books would end, or more specifically, what were the climax and denouement of our stories. Huh? I hadn’t given the ending a thought. I was still struggling with the beginning, thank…

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Baby Fix

I got mine today. I picked up NJ (age 2) at preschool to give his mom a break, since she’s home with the baby. I hope I can make that a regular weekly thing. Once at her house, I got to hold Baby G for about a half hour. Three weeks old. Is there anything…

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