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Well, the title above about sums up my day! It began at the Opium Den, where Allie told me her father was killed by a whale. Now that definitely perked me up. She’s alluded to this before, but now I know how it happened. The first chapter, at this moment in time, is from Andy’s POV. The second, from Allie’s. Once I get these two chapters finished, it’s time to outline the entire book. Usually I outline first, but these two characters are itching to tell me their story and I’m giving them the freedom to do so. 
From the O.D. to the doctor’s for my pre-remicade appointment. Then home, settling in to answer email. Our every-other-week housekeeper, Delilah, arrived, followed quickly by the mobile groomer. Thank heavens for the mobile groomer! The dogs love Delilah and were all over her when she showed up, but when poor Kim, the groomer, arrived, Jet hid under my desk and Keeper played keepaway all over the house. Finally, Kim and I caught them and dragged (literally, in Keeper’s case) them to her van, which is equipped with air conditioning (95 degrees today), a tub and the most important item of all, the furminator. While the dogs are getting the treatment and Delilah’s vaccuuming, I washed all the dog beds scattered throughout the house. A few hours later, Delilah’s done and the dogs each look ten pounds thinner.
Then I took off for my critique group. We meet in Cary, about fifteen miles away, every three weeks. About two miles from my house, I took a corner too sharply, caught my rear right tire on the curb and shredded it to bits. I called AAA and was told it would be about an hour and fifteen minutes wait. So much for critique group. I was about to call John to rescue me when I spotted the truck in my rearview mirror. Let’s here it for AAA! They’ve bailed me out on too many occasions to count. The guy wouldn’t let me take his picture as he changed my tire or I could share it with you. It was so hot–I was dripping and I was only watching him work. Turns out I had a full-sized spare, so I was able to go to critique group after all. It made me realize how much I like that group–I was bummed about missing it. It’s always great to spend time with fellow writers.
Now I’m going to watch a little of Spike Jone’s documentary on Katrina, then read some of THE NAMESAKE, which I’m really enjoying, then start all over again in the morning.


  1. Lorene on August 30, 2006 at 8:08 am

    I want to hear what you think of the documentary. Is this the one supporting the intentional blowing up of the levees theory?
    I had an accident myself on the 28th. I gave my son a ride to work and got t-boned just about a block from my house when I was returning. Fortunately I was alone and it was hit on the passenger side so no injuries at all. I don’t want to drive a rental but we will have to pick one up today. We decided to go ahead and trade the almost new MDX in on a new one and just cut our losses but the new one will not be here for another week to ten days. Hubby thought the car would never be repaired to his satisfaction so it is gone .

  2. Margo on August 30, 2006 at 8:39 am

    Diane and Lorene, thank goodness you are both ok after the accidents! What terrible days for both of you! LOL on the doggies, Diane…I can just picture those 2 running around and hiding. They are so gorgeous anyway but I’m sure after the grooming they look and feel awesome, and so much cooler too!…LOVE your WIP…it is SO fascinating…already I’m hooked just hearing about the fact Allie’s father was killed by a whale. Ohhhhhhhhhh, it is so hard waiting for this book…meantime, I’m starting to re-read THE BAY AT MIDNIGHT in honor of the trade paperback coming out this week…loved it so much the first time and I want to relive it again…(-:

  3. Diane on August 30, 2006 at 11:44 am

    lorene, thank god you’re safe! sorry about the car, but i’m glad you’d already dropped your son off and he wasn’t with you. that sounds so scary. mine was just a stupid mistake and i was lucky to be someplace where i could pull over easily.
    margo, enjoy the rereading of BAY. It’s in the stores now, so I’ll be posting about it later today.

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