Writing with Arthritis

Having Rheumatoid Arhtirtis sometimes makes typing, or even writing by hand, difficult. I know at least one author who gave up writing when carpal tunnel made it so painful she could no longer take joy in the process. When my hands are very bad,  I use voice recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking (which I wrote about in my fomer blog). I rarely have much of a problem these days, since the better drugs keep the monster at bay. However, to save my pinkies, I usually type without capitals. My email is almost always capital-free. When I’m working on a manuscript, I set up my word processing program to capitalize the first word in each sentence and the proper names I’ll be using in the story. Works like a charm. So, if you’re a writer or long to be one, you can no longer use bad hands as an excuse to keep you away from the keyboard!

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