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Story Weekend: Dance!

I sit all day long when I’m writing, which is not good for the old bod. I used to set my alarm for every thirty minutes and when it buzzed, I’d get up and walk around the house before returning to my chair and the computer screen. When the new Springsteen Wrecking Ball album came…

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You Never Sausage a Book!

You know how people say they don’t want to watch sausage being made? Well, I feel as though I invited you, my readers, to watch the writing equivalent of sausage making as you followed my painful progression through the creation of  The Midwife’s Confession. It began a long time ago, when after a couple of months of…

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Finished! (And a First and Fifth Draft Comparison)

          I finished The Midwife’s Confession  yesterday and John and I are going to see Wicked this evening to celebrate. Yeah! The last month of writing a book is sheer torture; there seems to be no way around it. Every time, I tell myself I’ll figure out a way to prevent that last month from…

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One of the worst crimes a writer can commit is to be predictable in his or her storyline and characters. This holds true even in genre fiction, where a certain formula is generally followed: In a romance, boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl reunite forever. In a mystery, a crime occurs, there…

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The "Frequently Asked Questions" Videos

The contest continues! Win a vacation on Topsail Island and help me celebrate my 20 years as an author by clicking here to learn more. You may enter once a day.   The short videos John and I made are now up on the video page of my website. I created these to address the questions I’m…

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