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I Need Your Help Again!

As I mentioned a while back, I plan to have the covers of my backlist e-books redesigned. I’d love it if you could help me with some decisions along the way. Here’s the first choice I have to make for my book Reflection. ¬†Which cover appeals to you the most? Left or Right? (Try to…

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Do UK Readers Love the Amish Country?

First things first: I sent The Good Father to my editor and agent last night. Yeah! There’s no better feeling than typing The End. Now I wait for the revision letter and get ready for NEXT WEEK’S publication of The Midwife’s Confession! Wow, that crept up on me fast. I can’t wait to hear what…

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Hook, Line and Linker

During my twenty-eight years of writing, I’ve heard plenty of advice from other authors. One tidbit stands out: tighten the relationship between characters. I know exactly where (in Albert Zuckerman’s Writing the Blockbuster Novel) and when (1995, as I wrote Reflection) I read this suggestion. It’s stayed with me all these years and I draw…

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Is Your First your Fave?

I’ve noticed something. When I hear from readers who’ve read many of my books, very often their favorite is the first one they read. It doesn’t matter what the book is. A quick glance at my email in the last few months illustrates this fact. The following books were all claimed as a favorite by…

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