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Can You Help Me Come up with a Prize Idea?

First, I may be slightly absent this week, as far as a new blog post goes, though I’ll check your comments at least once a day, I promise. My work-in-progress (formerly known as The Waif–still waiting to hear which title the publishers like) is due a week from today and that means I’ll be tied…

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Beach Renourishment in my Backyard

Well, I brought my work-in-progress down to my Topsail Island condo for some quality revision time. I knew the Topsail Beach beach renourishment project was in full swing, but I didn’t realize I’d have a front row seat for the show! It’s hard to get anything done when I’m riveted by what’s going on outside…

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Let's Perk Up the Private Relations Cover

It’ll still be a month or so before I’m able to make Private Relations available for those of you who have e-readers, but I’m excited about freshening up the old cover. Private Relations was my very first novel. It’s the story of two men and three women who live together in a big house on the Jersey…

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To E or not to E! That is the Question

I need your opinions, whether you read e-books or not. I have seven books that have long been out of print and I’ve now made four of them (Secret Lives, Reflection, Brass Ring and The Escape Artist) available as e-books. Very soon, I’ll have a fifth book up (Fire and Rain).  Now I’m trying to…

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Brass Ring and Repressed Memories

When I was a therapist in training back in the . . . well, a long time ago, we were taught the importance of asking our clients if they’d ever been sexually abused. Particularly in cases where our clients presented with low self-esteem, self destructive behavior or sexual dysfunction, we were encouraged to push a…

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Brass Ring Returns

As many of you know, I’m gradually releasing my older out-of-print books as e-books, and Brass Ring is the latest addition to the list. (The others so far are Secret Lives, Reflection and The Escape Artist). You can find it (and read free samples of it) for your Kindle or Nook, or for any other e-reader…

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Giving Up on Character Names

No, I’m not going to start numbering the people in my books, but I am hereby abandoning my obsessive need to give each character a brand new, never before used, name.  A couple of years ago, I asked my assistant to go through my books (seventeen at the time) and list all the first names…

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Working at Weymouth

I’m with my writer buds on our twice yearly retreat to the beautiful Weymouth Center for the Arts, where writers are allowed to come and work for free. Margaret Maron’s missing because of her accident (and we’re missing her!), but the rest of us–Mary Kay Andrews, Katy Munger, Sarah Shaber, Alexandra Sokoloff, Brenda Witchger and…

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