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Story Weekend Theme: High School

Our theme for this Story Weekend: High School. (I hope my international readers will help me with the correct term for “high school” in their countries). That’s my high school on the left in Plainfield, New Jersey, after it’s 1906 unveiling. Are you new to Story Weekend? No problem! Everyone is welcome. Here’s  an opportunity to share a tiny snippet…

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Feels Like a Miracle

Thursday was a very good day. First of all, there was a bunch of good news coming out of the United Kingdom about The Midwife’s Confession, as the great TV ad aired for the first time and the book officially hit the stores. On the UK Amazon Kindle list, it broke into the top ten (and it’s…

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How Old is the Stuff in YOUR Kitchen?

Please walk into your kitchen. Now open the cupboard where you keep your spices and pull out the dingiest container. How old is it? I bet I have you beat! Here I am in my very first grown-up kitchen, making a not very grown-up face at the photographer (check out those eyebrows!) Location: Berkeley, California.…

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Home for Thirty Hours Before Taking off Again

Home from New Jersey and New York! Well, for about thirty hours, anyway, before we take off for the beach. I thought I’d share some pictures from the week with you. I started out at a speaking engagement in Lakewood, New Jersey. The audience was so fabulous and responsive and I had a great time.…

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Breaking the First Leg of my Journey

John and I headed for the airport this morning only to discover our flight had been cancelled. We’re supposed to be in New Jersey right now, where I’m to speak at a private event tomorrow and visit family. Then we’ll travel on to New York for the Book Expo. We couldn’t get on another flight today,…

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The Midwife has Arrived

  Nine months almost to the day after I began writing the story, The Midwife’s Confession is finally in bookstores. The labor (which I chronicled in agonizing detail in my blog) was unusually long and hard, but now all the angst is forgotten and I get to celebrate a milestone: the publication of my 20th…

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Do UK Readers Love the Amish Country?

First things first: I sent The Good Father to my editor and agent last night. Yeah! There’s no better feeling than typing The End. Now I wait for the revision letter and get ready for NEXT WEEK’S publication of The Midwife’s Confession! Wow, that crept up on me fast. I can’t wait to hear what…

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Can You Help Me Come up with a Prize Idea?

First, I may be slightly absent this week, as far as a new blog post goes, though I’ll check your comments at least once a day, I promise. My work-in-progress (formerly known as The Waif–still waiting to hear which title the publishers like) is due a week from today and that means I’ll be tied…

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The Many Faces of Keeper of the Light

In celebration of Keeper of the Light’s reissue, I thought I’d share some of its many covers, starting with (gulp) the original. This cover never made it to the bookstore because my agent and I both screamed so loudly when we saw it that the art department at HarperCollins cowered in fear. Keeper of the…

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