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Topsail Island Contest Ends; New Contest Begins

Well, this contest was such fun, and so many of you were in the running with the correct answers from Before the Storm. Here they are:  What was the name of Jamie’s church? Free Seekers. We also accepted Free Seekers Church or Chapel. Who was Jamie’s nemesis on Topsail Island? We accepted either Reverend Bill…

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A Name for Every Day of the Year

Time to talk about names again! I mentioned a while back that my assistant was going through my books, creating a spreadsheet of all the names I’ve used so that I can exercise caution when naming new characters. She’s finished, just in time for me to start naming a new crop of folks for my…

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What Do You See?

The last time John and I were on Topsail Island, we were having dinner in a restaurant when John suddenly said, “Do you see that waitress over there? That’s Dawn.” I figured he must mean the character Dawn in my latest book, Before the Storm. I turned to look at the waitress. She was a little…

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The Other Side

Do you believe we can be in touch with the other side? Ever since Before the Storm was released, I’ve been hearing from people who relate strongly to seventeen-year-old Maggie. Maggie “connects” with her father who died many years earlier in a collision between a boat and a whale. Maggie seems to have touched a chord…

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