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Entering the Crazy Time

I’m in the final three-month stretch to my deadline, which means little sleep and an excuse to eat badly. I was one of those people who loved cramming for exams. So exciting! What makes it even crazier and more fun is having a new book, The Good Father, out at the same time. So I’m…

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Story Weekend: Bridges

Driving onto Topsail Island yesterday, I was stuck in traffic because the old swing bridge was open to let boats pass through on the intracoastal waterway. It’s the one place I don’t mind being stuck. Sitting there, I could already feel my body shifting to island time, even though I was accompanied by my computer,…

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What's on Your Creativity Agenda This Week?

 We’re at the beach for a few days of writing and photography. Here’s the sunset view from my deck captured with my iPad (clearly I’m not the photographer!). I’ll be writing with pen on paper tomorrow, as I like to do every once in a while to tap into a different part of my brain,…

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Thoughts from the Carolina Coast

Yet another gorgeous day on Topsail Island. The photo is one of many John made on “our” beach yesterday. I just came in from sitting on the deck, staring out to sea. It’s the sort of view that makes nothing earthly matter. Not the dirty carpet, the door that sticks, not rheumatoid arthritis or the…

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Where is your Third Place?

Remember the show Cheers? Every person had his own seat at the bar. Each of them drank the same drink every day. Norm walked in and everyone said in unison “Norm!” You knew these folks were in a place of comfort and camaraderie. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I spend…

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Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you’re having as good a Fourth of July weekend as we are. We started out at the Roundabout Gallery on Friday night, where John was a featured artist with some of his Red, White and Blue work. Even though all the photos look very different because of the way John treated them, all the close-ups were…

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Home for Thirty Hours Before Taking off Again

Home from New Jersey and New York! Well, for about thirty hours, anyway, before we take off for the beach. I thought I’d share some pictures from the week with you. I started out at a speaking engagement in Lakewood, New Jersey. The audience was so fabulous and responsive and I had a great time.…

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Breaking the First Leg of my Journey

John and I headed for the airport this morning only to discover our flight had been cancelled. We’re supposed to be in New Jersey right now, where I’m to speak at a private event tomorrow and visit family. Then we’ll travel on to New York for the Book Expo. We couldn’t get on another flight today,…

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