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Other People's Skin

Today’s my Other People’s Skin Day. I try to have an OPS Day on the 28th of each month, though sometimes I forget. It can be exhausting, but also uplifting. I started my occasional OPS Days about two years ago after reading one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book about how we’re all connected. Thich Nhat…

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Topsail Island Contest Ends; New Contest Begins

Well, this contest was such fun, and so many of you were in the running with the correct answers from Before the Storm. Here they are:  What was the name of Jamie’s church? Free Seekers. We also accepted Free Seekers Church or Chapel. Who was Jamie’s nemesis on Topsail Island? We accepted either Reverend Bill…

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"Your Characters are Too Nice"

I usually let John read outlines of my stories while I’m working on them, and he always has the same comment: “Your characters are too nice.” And I always smile sweetly and respond, “Yup. That’s the way I like ’em.” I don’t believe people are inherently good or evil. Some people are sociopaths. Some have,…

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