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You Never Sausage a Book!

You know how people say they don’t want to watch sausage being made? Well, I feel as though I invited you, my readers, to watch the writing equivalent of sausage making as you followed my painful progression through the creation of  The Midwife’s Confession. It began a long time ago, when after a couple of months of…

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The Courage Tree

For years, my readers (and I) have been hoping that some of my older books would become available again. Now it’s finally happened, and the reissue of The Courage Tree is only the beginning. Breaking the Silence will be released late in the year, and next year, Summer’s Child and Cypress Point will hit the stores.…

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Need a Chuckle?

                            As some of you may know, for the past several years Google has made books “searchable” online. In other words, they scanned nearly all books–regardless of whether or not said books were still copyrighted–to make the contents searchable by anyone on the…

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Good Things Come in Threes

No, I didn’t just become the lucky owner of three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (aren’t they adorable?), but I did just sign a new three-book contract with my publisher. I knew it was coming and have been at work on Book One for quite a while, but it doesn’t feel real until I actually sign…

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Is Your First your Fave?

I’ve noticed something. When I hear from readers who’ve read many of my books, very often their favorite is the first one they read. It doesn’t matter what the book is. A quick glance at my email in the last few months illustrates this fact. The following books were all claimed as a favorite by…

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Coming up with Book Titles

Naming a character is one thing. Naming an entire book is quite another. This is much on my mind as I toy with titles for my new, fledgling work-in-progress. I jot them down in the dark as I’m falling asleep, and they seem so brilliant then. In the light of day, though, they often lose their sparkle.  I…

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