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Winning Cover for The Escape Artist E-book

Thank you for all your votes! I tallied up the votes both here and on Facebook and this image is the clear winner with 34 votes.  Second place was the little boy peering over the woman’s shoulder (24), which I have to admit fits the book very well, but one reader mentioned that the little…

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The Escape Artist Cover–One More Time

I’m still not happy with my concept for The Escape Artist’s E-book cover, so I hope you’re willing to vote one more time. I’m not going to bother with the text (my name and the title) until I make my final decision. Remember the book needs to stand out in a thumnail size on Amazon…

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Please Help Me Choose!

It’s been fun having Secret Lives available as an e-book and I’ve enjoyed hearing from those of you who are reading it for the first time. Now I need to figure out which of my out-of-print books I should make available next. Whether you read e-books or not, I’d love your help in this decision.…

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