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We Have a Title! (And a Winner)

Thank you to my readers who offered new titles for After the Storm! It was a grueling process, going back and forth between author, agent, editor, and the publisher’s marketing department, but we’ve finally settled on Secrets She Left Behind. If you check out the comments to the original post, you’ll see that our frequent commenter, Denise, actually…

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The Visual Thesaurus

As I continued my hunt for the perfect title, I paid a visit to my profile over at Red Room is a great place to connect with authors, and my blog appears on my profile page over there as well as here on my website. Several people on Red Room offered title ideas for “the book…

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Titles: Your Opinions?

My publisher has decided, wisely I believe, that the title for my June ’09 book, After the Storm, is problematic. It is the sequel to Before the Storm, and even within the publishing house itself, the title has given rise to confusion as people try to recall which book they’re talking about. In addition, it’s a title…

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Cuss Words Revisited

We’ve talked before about the “colorful” language sometimes used in novels and my readers represent many different opinions on the subject. My opinion is and always has been that such language should not be gratuitous (same with graphic sex and violence), but it’s sometimes necessary. (note: those of you easily offended had better skip After the Storm, the sequel…

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Good News, Bad News

Well, this is all good news, although I know some of you won’t think so, so I’ll get the semi-bad news out of the way first: After the Storm won’t be published until June 2009. Ack! I know. A long time to wait for a sequel. My publisher, Mira Books, calls the shots on the…

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The Challenge of Revisions

  “It’s never too late — in fiction or in life — to revise.”                                                                   Nancy Thayer   I love that Nancy Thayer quote, but I’m not sure how accurate it is when it comes to either fiction or life. I have about a week left to go in revising After the Storm, and then…

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