Reading Guide, Private Relations

Private Relations Readers’ Guide

1. ‘She only ran at night when she needed to escape’ is the first line in Private Relations. What was Kit trying to escape from? What would you do if you found yourself suddenly divorced and living alone?

2. The Chapel House is very important to this story. In what ways does the house provide a form of refuge for each character? How did living at the Chapel House change each character’s life?

3. Could you live in a group setting? What would be the advantages? What would be the drawbacks?

4. This story contains elements of surprise, as does life.  What surprised you in this story?

5. In the story Kit is head of Public Relations at Blair Hospital and does an amazing job. But how well does she handle her Private Relations?

6. What role do the housemates play in the story? What do we learn about Kit and Cole through these other characters?

7. How do you feel when Cole yells at Kit? Why do we hurt the people that we love?

8. Rennie demonstrated a great deal of courage by going to the police station and identifying her assailants. Why do you think that she was able to do this? Would you be able to do the same?

9. Why did Cole and Kit initially resist their sexual attraction for each other? Can men and women be both friends and lovers?

10. What outcome were you hoping for with Kit’s baby? How did Kit’s feelings toward the baby change during her pregnancy? How does the death of the baby change Kit and Cole?

11. How did you feel about Cole acting as Kit’s doctor? At what point do you think Cole should have abandoned that role? Could you go to a doctor who was a friend, neighbor or co-worker?

12. Why do you think Kit planned to leave the Chapel House?

13. When did you first suspect that Estelle might have mental health issues? What did you think of Cole’s decision to stay with her in the hospital?

14. How did you feel about the Epilogue? Is that the future you had envisioned for these characters prior to reading it?

15. Who would you like to play the main characters if this story were made into a movie?