Praise, The Lies We Told

“Chamberlain weaves an intensely engaging story of three people with a tragic past, complicated present, and unknown future who must struggle with trust, betrayal, and forgiveness.”

“The writing is at all times sure and polished, carrying the reader through a gauntlet of twists and complications.”
–Raleigh News and Observer”

“The secrets and lies are astonishing. . . One of the best ever written by this prolific author.  If you read one contemporary novel this summer, make it this one and I promise you will not be disappointed.”

“The Lies We Told is a tender story of two sisters’ path toward rediscovering their friendship for each other. . . Chamberlain beautifully bares their dreams and their souls in The Lies We Told.”

“The Lies We Told is emotionally charged and artfully written. The characters are vivid and wonderfully flawed. The connection between the sisters is strong and emotional. The (ending) is a little shocking but satisfying nonetheless. The Lies We Told is highly recommended to all readers.”

“THE LIES WE TOLD is about a complicated relationship of love and sibling rivalry . . . a complex and fascinating tale, well paced, with good dialogue as secrets are revealed with some surprises, twists, and turns. Readers of women’s fiction will enjoy this familial tale.”

Praise from the Blogs:

“Diane Chamberlain has written a book that is both compelling and almost impossible to put down . . . The conclusion was not what I was expecting initially, but it was exactly how I hoped it would end. Chamberlain has written a book filled with surprises that you’ll want to read in one sitting.”
–The Book Chick

” The book’s epilogue stopped me dead in my tracks and, despite everything, made me feel sad. And hopeful. But sad — all at once. That’s the mark of good storytelling.

Readers looking for a book they simply can’t put down shouldn’t hesitate to grab this one, a novel I tore through in a day or so.”

“Like Picoult, Diane Chamberlain cuts to the heart of these characters’ secrets. Her plotting is amazing and the villains sneak up in such a way as to tantalize us to read just one more chapter, even when time is pressing us to do something else. “The Lies We Told” glows with truth about knowing ourselves and unburying the past that threatens our souls.”

“…a  gripping story that is not to be missed.”

“… a great read . . .  a very emotional book. (Chamberlain) wove an element of mystery into the story that kept it moving at a rapid pace.”
–Queen of Happy Endings

“Once again, Ms. Chamberlain has written a touching story with characters that find their way into your heart. Diane Chamberlain is a hidden gem of an author. . .   If you have not read any of her works, be sure to pick one up today, I promise that you will not be disappointed.”

“. . .the writing (is) suspenseful, insightful, layered…a beautiful story of sisterhood and love.”
–Once Upon a Book Blog