Praise, The Good Father

“Prolific author Chamberlain explores themes of family loyalty, grief, and healing around Travis Brown, a good man in an impossible situation. . . . Chamberlain’s keen grasp of regret and grief makes for a surprisingly thoughtful and compelling tale.”
Publishers Weekly

“The Good Father is an engaging character study. . . fans will agree ‘nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina with Diane Chamberlain as our hostess.”
—Genre Go Round Reviews

“…Diane Chamberlain really is a consistently good writer, creating readable, engrossing stories about relationships and families, life and love, and she creates believable, flawed characters that the reader really comes to care about and root for.”
The Little Reader Library

“…one of her [Chamberlain’s] very best books…”
Random Things Through My Letterbox

“…keeps you on your toes from cover to cover . . . I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it was an absolutely brilliant read . . .”
Best Books To Read

“In one word, excellent. This will be an all time favorite book of mine and I will recommend it every chance I get.”
Life As I Know It                                         

“The author writes in such a way that is so brilliant, detailed and descriptive–what I call a “transport” read, where I was so engrossed that I actually felt that I was part of the story . . .  Highly recommend, matter of fact, pre-order it!!”
CMash Loves To Read

“But my word, can Diane Chamberlain tell a good story that doesn’t release you from its grip until the very last page!”
By The Book Reviews

“Diane Chamberlain has a way with words; she knows how to leave you curious for the outcome, but at the same time tugging at those heartstrings. . . (She) is the master at piecing together characters and their lives. . . ”
Dark Readers

“Beautifully and engagingly written with realistic, understandable and loveable (well, except for the bad guys) characters”
The Aussie Zombie

“Heartwarming and emotional, it’s a satisfying and engaging read that left me eager to read more by Diane Chamberlain.”
—Booked Out

“If you are an established fan of Diane Chamberlain or, like me, new to her work, you will be pleased with this extremely emotional story.”
—Ex Libris