Praise, Secrets She Left Behind

“(Chamberlain) explores the psychological complexity of a family pushed to its limits…the alternating narratives allow plenty of insights into the characters’ motives while creating intrigue and suspense.”

“In Secrets She Left Behind, Diane Chamberlain tells the story of a son’s abandonment and pain in many voices, changing characters with each chapter. You won’t be able to put this one down until the final layers of the story are in place and the complete picture is revealed.”
Lisa Driban, Hockessin Book Shelf, Hockessin, DE

“Diane Chamberlain is superb at creating characters we become involved with, spinning out the story of the havoc caused by a teenager’s mistake and weaving in the past to make this a novel hard to put down.”

“Secrets She Left Behind is an eloquently written and insightful novel. The story is seamless. . . The plot is absolute genius. Chamberlain has written an intriguing page turner that is extremely difficult to put down.”

“Secrets She Left Behind cleverly traces several storylines at once. . . It is compassionate without being sappy and tells a wonderful story that spans several years . . . Just plan to bring your tissues as you read this evocative book.”
—The Romance Readers Connection

Secrets She Left Behind is a beautifully written story about love and redemption, fear and forgiveness, and right and wrong. Lyrically written prose draws the reader into the web of secrets . . . seamlessly weaving together the riddles of the past with the challenges of the present. . . Totally absorbing and full of twists and turns.”