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Archive for February 2014

Why this Box Made Me Cry (and a Give-away)

 In the days before e-books, here’s how it went for most authors: you spent a couple of years pouring your heart and soul into a book, which was then published, sat in the bookstores for a few months and then quietly disappeared forever. This was a typical scenario for most novels (and still is for…

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Story Weekend: Foreign Language

John and I plan to travel to Tuscany with some friends in the spring. I grew up with an Italian surname (Lopresti) but  my Italian immigrant grandparents wanted their children to be American through and through, so no Italian was spoken in their home and my father had none of the language to share with…

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Recipe of the Week: Parmesan Baked Salmon

I spoke to my neighbor Joyce’s book club a few years ago and she served this amazing salmon dish. She’s given me permission to share it with you. Hers was served in a large rectangular baking dish, since she was feeding a crowd, so I honestly don’t know how the amounts translate here. You’ll have…

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Story Weekend: Gym Class

What did they call it where you grew up? Gym Class, Phys Ed, P.E.? How I loathed it. I was one of those Always-Last-to-be-Chosen-for-Any-Team kids. Whatever  gym class was called where you lived, I bet you have some stories to tell about it. I I hope you’ll share one of them here. If  you’re new…

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Recipe of the Week: Pork Chops and Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Have you figured out yet that I’m a lazy cook? And this recipe is designed for the lazy cook. It’s also delicious and I make it often. You can make it more complicated with wine and mushrooms, but it’s great just like this. Here’s the one warning: only use Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes.…

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Story Weekend: Oh Those Remote Controls!

Sitting here in my living room, wondering what topic to pick for Story Weekend, when my eye landed on the five remote controls on the coffee table. I only understand one of them, and not completely. I bet a few of you have a good remote control story to tell, don’t you? If  you’re new…

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Recipe of the Week: Simple Shrimp and Linguine

A shrimp recipe recently made the rounds on the Internet. Maybe you even made it. It’s a simple oven baked recipe that involved melting butter on a rimmed cookie sheet, then laying slices of lemon in the butter, and placing shrimp on top of the lemon. If you’d like to try this recipe yourself, just…

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