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Archive for April 2013

Story Weekend: Your Earliest Memory

I can’t really pinpoint my own earliest memory, so I’m always fascinated when someone tells me theirs. I’d love to hear yours. If  you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I pick a theme and you share something from your life that relates to that theme, however you interpret it. Thanks to all of…

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Win a Personalized Advanced Reading Copy of Necessary Lies!

I’ve seen a lot of Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs), but never one quite this pretty. I love how my publisher, St. Martin’s Press, incorporated the cover of the final book at the bottom of the ARC cover and devoted so much space to bestselling author Christina Schwarz’s wonderful quote—a quote that warmed my heart when I…

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Story Weekend: Spiders

I was out of town last week and when I returned home, I drove my car out of the garage only to discover it was covered in cobwebs and a million baby spiders! Shudder. We live in the woods and this is the price we pay. If you’ve “known” me long enough, you might remember…

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Story Weekend: Reunion

I’m in New York for a “mini reunion” with some folks from my high school class. (I went to school in New Jersey, but we’re meeting in the city). Reunions can be powerful events as we revisit the past with the wisdom—one hopes—of the present. I’d love to hear your reunion story! If  you’re new…

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Can We Have a Little Tolerance, Please?

 Wow. On Facebook yesterday, I asked for suggestions for the name of an organization that would support gay and lesbian youth and that would form a good acronym. (The organization is created by a character in my work-in-progress.) I received tons of great responses. . . and a few not-so-nice retorts as well. I don’t…

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