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Archive for March 2013

Story Weekend: Saying Goodbye

It may have been the day you left your five-year-old at the kindergarten door. Or it may have been that long embrace before your husband–or wife–was deployed overseas. Or may be it was the time you hugged your grandmother goodbye, knowing it would be the last hug you’d ever give her. What is your Goodbye…

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Story Weekend: What Brings You Comfort?

Do you have a story about something or someone who’s brought you comfort? We’d love to hear it. Last week’s Story Weekend topic of “names” really took off. I hope you’ll share your stories on this topic as well. It’s so much fun to connect with one another this way! If  you’re new to Story…

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Library Love

When I first started writing fiction, I’d take my notepad to my local library, which was then in San Diego. There was no Internet. I’d never heard of a laptop. It was just my notepad and me. . . and joy. Every true writer knows the thrill of having an idea and a pen and…

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Story Weekend: What's in a Name?

How did you get your name? How did you choose your kids’ names? Your pet’s? What’s the story behind the names in your life? Names are on my mind, since I have a new cast of characters to christen. I often pick a name, then audition it by writing a few scenes using it to…

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Musical Nostalgia

I’m sitting in Starbucks (what else is new?) and they’re playing a song called “I Can’t Get Used to Losing You.” I just Googled to find out who’s performing it– a group called The English Beat. Has a bouncy little ska rhythm. And it’s bringing back memories that put a smile on my face. All…

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Story Weekend: Home Decor

I just read in a home decor magazine that after years of popularity, the satin nickel finish on home hardware is giving way to brass. Hooray! I don’t have to replace all my brass doorknobs and fireplace surround after all! John was right that if we just waited long enough, it would come back in…

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A Sneak Peek at a Sneak Peek

One of my readers just let me know that The First Lie is already available for preorder, so I think it’s time for me to tell you about it. The First Lie is a short story inspired by my next novel, Necessary Lies, which will be out in September. Set on a tobacco farm in…

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