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Archive for February 2013

Story Weekend: Dream a Little Dream

It’s been strangely quiet on Story Weekend the past couple of weeks, so today I’ll pick a topic I know we can all relate to: dreams. Have you had a dream that came true? A recurring dream you can’t shake? A nightmare you still remember from your childhood? Tell us! If  you’re new to Story…

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Story Weekend: Public Speaking

Sunday afternoon, I’ll be speaking to a group at the West Regional Library in Cary, North Carolina (come join us if you can!). I was thinking about that talk this evening when I suddenly realized it’s time to write my Story Weekend blog post. So that’s the genesis of this weekend’s topic: Public Speaking. The…

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Please Give Me Feedback on my Website!

Hi everybody! I’m considering a re-do of my website–perhaps small, perhaps large–as it gets closer to the release of Necessary Lies. I love my site, but I want it to focus more on that book in particular, plus the pic of me on the home page is three years old, so it’s time for an…

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Story Weekend: What's Your Sign? Your Astrology Story.

Yes, there was truly a time when that was a serious pick-up line, though I don’t think it worked very often. Even though I don’t put much stock in astrology, I have to admit I am such a Pisces! I have all the good parts—empathy, sensitivity, sensitive, caring, creativity—along with all the not-so-good parts I…

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Early Peek at Necessary Lies

I just asked my Facebook readers what they’d like me to post about today and several of them asked to hear about my next book, Necessary Lies. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this book! I feel really confident in saying that if you love my books, you will really love this…

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