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Archive for November 2012

Help Me Help the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Update: As of this morning (Tuesday, November 27th) we topped $1000! Thank you, and let’s keep it going! My older brother, Tom, has been helping with the relief effort for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. (This is one of his pictures from the devastation). Since I live several states away, I’ve pondered how I could…

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The New Sheltie

You may remember we lost our eight-year-old Sheltie, Jet, a couple of months ago. There are those people who get another dog right away (me) and those who wait a long time (John) and then there are those who compromise (us, usually). So when I saw the picture of an eight-month-old Sheltie on a breeder’s…

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Other People's Skin

Today’s my Other People’s Skin Day. I try to have an OPS Day on the 28th of each month, though sometimes I forget. It can be exhausting, but also uplifting. I started my occasional OPS Days about two years ago after reading one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book about how we’re all connected. Thich Nhat…

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Story Weekend: Your Earliest Memory

I feel sober and sad this weekend, witnessing the hurricane destruction in New York and my home state of New Jersey. I haven’t lived in New Jersey for decades, but my earliest memories are on the boardwalks of Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights, and it’s hard to see what’s happened to the coastline I’ve loved.…

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