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Archive for October 2012

Story Weekend: Rainy Days

I think the east coast of the United States is in for something far worse than a few rainy days this coming week, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I hope everyone stays safe! Meanwhile, what’s your rainy day story? If  you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I pick a theme and you share something…

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Story Weekend: Your Best Age So Far

Hmm. . . great question. I won’t go first because I don’t want to sway anyone (note: I wouldn’t go back to the age I was in this picture for anything, except maybe to experience being a size six again). What’s your favorite age so far? If  you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it…

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A Book Club Visit

I love it when my schedule gives me the time to visit a book club in person! This Wake Forest, NC club read The Good Father, and we had a fun discussion and yummy munchies. If your club reads one of my books and our schedules mesh, I’d be happy to call your group by…

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Story Weekend: Your Childhood Talent

Today’s Story Weekend theme: childhood talent. What’s the story about yours? If  you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I pick a theme and you share something from your life that relates to that theme, however you interpret it. Thanks to all of you who’ve been contributing. As always, there are a few “rules”:…

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Are you a Re-reader?

I’m in charge of my bookclub’s discussion tomorrow night, and the book we chose to read  was Stephen King’s 11/22/63. (That’s a slightly dated pic of my club on the left). I love King’s non-horror books and stories (The Stand is a favorite and his short story Shawshank Redemption inspired the fantabulous movie of the same…

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Story Weekend: Dress Codes

I remember walking into my high school one morning when a female teacher grabbed my arm, pointing in horror to the hem of the green corduroy jumper I was wearing. “I have a mind to send you home,” she said. But the hem was so close to the required middle of the kneecap that she…

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

In what now seems like another life, I once belonged to a dog training club. My then-husband and I had two wonderful golden retrievers and for years we trained them in obedience and agility, going to shows each weekend and working and playing hard with our dogs. Then there was a divorce and a move…

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