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Archive for September 2012

Story Weekend: Afterlife?

Story Weekend kicks off again with a light and whimsical topic–not! Okay, here is your challenge: tell us your afterlife story (or lack thereof) IN 100 WORDS OR LESS. Can you? I just received my authors’ copies of the reissued Her Mother’s Shadow (Book 3 of the Keeper of the Light trilogy) and I’m in…

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Story Weekend takes a Break

This has been a hard week. We lost our beautiful little Jet to cancer on Monday; he’d never even seemed sick until Sunday. A great shock for us, and Keeper is a little lost soul without his brother. I’m still in that painful “I can’t believe it” stage. Then Tuesday night, my email account was…

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Story Weekend: Six Months to Do Whatever You Want

This is pure fantasy, but if you didn’t have to worry about money or losing a job, how would you spend the next six months? It’s hard to free our brains that much from the constraints of our current lives, but I think this exercise can get to our real passions. I look forward to…

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My 'Keeper of the Light' Wall

We just had new hardwood floors installed (yay!), so I’ve been spiffing up my office a bit and thought I’d share my ‘Keeper of the Light Wall’ with you.  I used to have my book covers framed until there were so many covers that it was getting out of hand. I had a bunch of…

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Story Weekend: Nostalgia

I recently had to clean out my closets in preparation for installing hardwood floors, and I came across a box of old slides. I sent them to an online company for digitizing. Wow, what a bunch of memories they brought back! Some painfully sad (people I’ve lost), some hysterically funny (my younger brother was a…

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Story Weekend is Back! "I Feel Rich When. . . "

Story Weekend fans, thanks for your patience while I finished my as-yet-to-be-titled 2013 book. I made my deadline and after this weekend, I’ll have finished my revisions. I have to say, I love this book! I hope you will, too. We’re on Topsail Island right now. The past couple of evenings, I’ve been writing on…

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