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Archive for August 2012

Letting My Hair Down

For the past couple of years, nearly every time I put a picture of myself on my blog or Facebook, I get compliments on my hair.  That’s been so nice, but I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you all that it’s not my hair at all. I mean, I own it, but…

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Part Three: A Conversation with Diane and Emilie

Emilie Richards and I have been chatting back and forth on our blogs for the past week. This is the third of four installments. Hope you’re enjoying our conversation! Be sure to comment  for a chance to win one of our books. Emilie will give away Sunset Bridge and I’ll give away Summer’s Child to randomly selected commenters on…

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A Conversation with Emilie and Diane

Emilie Richards, one of my best friends as well as one of my favorite authors, is going to join me for a chat on our blogs. To celebrate Emilie’s new book, One Mountain Away, we decided to have a conversation about characters—specifically characters who might not be all that sympathetic, at least not at first…

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Story Weekend: Shoes

Are you one of those women whose closet isn’t big enough to hold all your shoes? Or are you like me, limited to one pair of shoes because your feet are a mess? Did your dog chew up your best shoes before your hot date or did you break a heel as you got up…

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Story Weekend: Deadlines

Sorry to be missing in action the past couple of weeks, but it was deadline time, which meant I didn’t budge from my computer for about 18 hours a day and was living more in my fictional world than the real world. But I made my deadline and here I am, back in reality. Well,…

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