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Archive for July 2012

Story Weekend: Par-tay!

John and I just threw a launch party for a friend, Dave Samuels, who recently pubbed his first book. Since I’m on a tight deadline, John and Dave’s wife Elizabeth did all the preparations: shopping, setting up the house, everything, while I stayed glued to my computer. I only showed up when the guests starting…

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Two Weeks to Deadline

It may look like I’m  in my office, but I’m actually living in 1960 rural North Carolina (only with air conditioning). I’m working like mad, so excuse me if I’m quiet on the blog for a while. I’ll see you next time I visit 2012!  

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Story Weekend: Bread

Long ago, before I was a writer and still had time on my hands, I baked bread. Two loaves every week. I also ate a lot of tofu and tempeh, but that’s for another post. Back to the bread. I even won a blue ribbon for my Fabulous Five Seed Bread at the  fair in…

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Signing Books at Quarter Moon Books and Gifts!

How I love Quarter Moon Books! Every year, owner Lori Fisher has tweaked her wonderful Topsail Beach store in some exciting new way. This year, she added a patio out front where people can enjoy a smoothie or sip wine from the new wine bar. I love signing books at QMB because, in addition to…

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Story Weekend: Heat

Where I live in North Carolina, the heat is all I can think about. (Okay, all I can really think about is the book that’s due August 1st, but you know what I mean!). It’s an oven outside. No matter where you live, I bet you have a heat related story, whether it’s related to…

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