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Archive for April 2012

Story Weekend: Insomnia

The theme for this Story Weekend is driven by the fact that it’s 3:13 am and I am still awake. I can’t seem to turn off my mind. I’m thinking about my work in progress, a sick friend, how badly the house needs vacuuming, the video John and I are making tomorrow, etcetera etcetera. So…

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Publication Day: The Good Father is Here!

My favorite day of the year! After twelve months of plotting, writing, rewriting, and rewriting again, here it is: The Good Father! Usually I feel some anxiety along with excitement as I  wonder how my readers will respond to my new story, but the early reviews have been so enthusiastic that all I feel today…

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Story Weekend: Jewelry

I don’t come from a big jewelry family. I own one diamond, and it’s in my mother’s engagement ring, which I treasure and wear on my right hand. Other than that, my jewelry is the fun variety—mostly cool earrings that I usually forget to wear. I come by this “whatever” attitude about jewelry honestly. My…

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Let's Have Some Gratitude

Today was one of those days where lots of little things went wrong. We’re at my beach condo where I’ve had to replace a bunch of appliances recently, including several parts of my air conditioning system. Today I learned the entire system needs replacing. In addition, my Rheumatoid Arthritis is flaring a bit and my…

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Story Weekend: A Fork in the Road

I can think of many times during my life where I reached a fork in the road, but some of those forks were more significant than others. What if I hadn’t decided to go to the party where I met my first husband? What if I’d remained a special ed major instead of switching to…

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Win a Copy of The Good Father

Guess what arrived today? That’s right—my author’s copies of The Good Father! My copies came a little late this year and I was getting nervous. I had to flip through the book to be sure all the pages were there, along with the discussion questions and the interview with me about the book. Everything is…

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Story Weekend: Boxes

Talk about an open-ended topic! I’m not going to start it off with my own story this week because I don’t want to influence you in one direction or another. I look forward to seeing what this theme brings up for you. If  you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I pick a…

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Building a Book

Why I don’t have time today to write a complete blog post: I’ve been restructuring Saving Ivy Hart for (what I hope is) the final time on the storyboard. Still haven’t quite figured out the ending, but I’m getting closer. Now I can take the storyboard down and it can return to its rightful place–…

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Life Without Television

Okay, the title of this post is a bit of an exaggeration. Our 60″ TV died, rather dramatically, and now we’re left to realize just how much TV we  watch. We’re not completely lacking: we do have a small TV in the bedroom and we watched Mad Men last night and will watch Smash tonight.…

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