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Archive for October 2011

Turning an Idea into a Story

One thing a writer learns early is the importance of “showing” instead of “telling”. It’s a real problem for many new writers, but seasoned writers struggle with it, too. That’s what I’m grappling with right now as I flesh out my work-in-progress. I’ve written the long synopsis that describes the novel, but how do I…

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Story Weekend: Ghosts

I’ve spent the last week with five of my writer friends at the beautiful Weymouth Mansion, where serious North Carolina writers are allowed to stay and work for up to two weeks each year. We try to come each spring and fall and we get so much done on our works-in-progress. The mansion has a…

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Sneezy and Dopey in North Carolina

Yes, I’m afraid that’s how I’m feeling. I like to blog on Monday morning to start the week off right, but you’ll have to bear with me this week. I’m on retreat with my writer buds–Mary Kay Andrews, Sarah Shaber, Margaret Maron, Alexandra Sokoloff and Brenda Witchger–and I’m fighting a cold I picked up at…

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Story Weekend: Earrings

Wow, the last Story Weekend really got to me. Your stories–and your openness–touched me deeply. I think many of us have a need to share those “what if” moments in our lives. I think we need a lighter topic this week, though, so here it is: earrings. I look forward to reading what you do…

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Introducing "Backlist E-Books!"

A little more than a year ago, I spent a couple of weeks going crazy as I taught myself how to format one of my out of print books, Secret Lives, for the Kindle. I thought I was not only losing my mind, but wasting my time as well. I had no idea how wrong…

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Story Weekend Theme: What if??

  One of my Facebook friends suggested this Story Weekend theme and it’s a great one. We all have at least one of those “what if…” questions in our lives. I have several a day! So here we go. If you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I pick a theme and you…

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Continuing my Learning Curve, this time with Scrivener

    You may recall that I recently switched from PCs to Macs. Much cursing and hair pulling ensued, but I’m now to the point where I’m enjoying my iMac and Macbook Air. Still some cursing, but it’s much better. I just ordered a Kinesis ergonomic keyboard and I think that will ease the physical…

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Searching for Shark Teeth

Okay, so this ocean pic is mine. You can tell by how crooked it is, if nothing else. Doesn’t matter. I love this morning view from our deck, where I’ve set up my computer to work. The other thing I love is looking for sharks’ teeth. When we started coming to Topsail Island a few…

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Thoughts from the Carolina Coast

Yet another gorgeous day on Topsail Island. The photo is one of many John made on “our” beach yesterday. I just came in from sitting on the deck, staring out to sea. It’s the sort of view that makes nothing earthly matter. Not the dirty carpet, the door that sticks, not rheumatoid arthritis or the…

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