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Archive for September 2011

What are You Reading?

It’s time to check in with what we’re reading, but first a little update. We’re at the beach for two weeks! Yeah! It’s gray, but the ocean is still beautiful and the beach looks none the worse for wear since the Hurricane, though when we arrived here last night, it was high tide and the…

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Story Weekend: Most Embarrassing Moment

I’ve hesitated to use this topic as a theme for Story Weekend because I really hate to remember my own experience, but here we go. A prize to the first person who can remember an embarrassing experience that doesn’t involve nudity, because I can’t! If you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I…

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Sneak Peek at the Kiss River Cover

Not only can you peek at the cover, you can even pre-order it (along with the book!) at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore. Kiss River, in case you don’t know, is the middle book of the Keeper of the Light trilogy set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. You can…

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Story Weekend: Leaving Home

It’s that time again! Another story weekend. I’m watching the TV series Friday Night Lights on Netflix instant play and wow, what a great show. Tonight’s episode is about leaving home, so I thought that would be a good theme for us this week. If you’re new to Story Weekend, here’s how it works: I…

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Diane Chamberlain, Paranormal Writer??

About eight years ago, I was chatting with my writer friend Mary Kirk when she told me she was editing an anthology of short stories. I’d recently been thinking of trying my hand at a short story, so I asked if I could contribute a story to the book. She seemed delighted, but told me…

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Story Weekend Theme: Porches

Either you have a porch or you wish you had a porch. It’s true, isn’t it? (Or if it isn’t, I bet there’s a story there too).  I’m lucky enough to have a screened porch for the first time in my adult life, and oh, how I love working out there. I’d love to know…

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Pictures from the Old Days of Romance

I’m about to make the leap from a PC to a Mac, so I’m cleaning up all the stuff that’s accumulated on my PC over the years. I stumbled across some fun pictures I thought you might enjoy. Some of my early books had strong romantic threads running through them, so I was active in…

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Story Weekend Theme: Mailboxes

What’s your mailbox story? Do you decorate yours for the holidays? Did you receive something extraordinary in yours once upon a time? Did a neighbor kid who doesn’t like you put something icky inside? The mailbox in the picture was painted for me by my stepdaughter, Brittany, (aka Pretty Handy Girl) as a surprise, back…

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