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Archive for March 2011

The Many Faces of Keeper of the Light

In celebration of Keeper of the Light’s reissue, I thought I’d share some of its many covers, starting with (gulp) the original. This cover never made it to the bookstore because my agent and I both screamed so loudly when we saw it that the art department at HarperCollins cowered in fear. Keeper of the…

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Keeper of the Light is Back

I know you’re not supposed to love some of your children more than others, but I can’t help it. Keeper of the Light has always been one of my favorites of my books. It was originally published in hardcover in 1992 and mass market paperback in 1993, then reissued about ten years ago in trade…

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Stress Dreams

John always tells me “Never let them see you sweat.” Well, that’s just not who I am. I’m sweating and I don’t care who knows it! Diane on Deadline is not a pretty sight, but I’ve got a smile on my face as I type this and I know it’s because, while I’m completely freaked…

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Beach Renourishment in my Backyard

Well, I brought my work-in-progress down to my Topsail Island condo for some quality revision time. I knew the Topsail Beach beach renourishment project was in full swing, but I didn’t realize I’d have a front row seat for the show! It’s hard to get anything done when I’m riveted by what’s going on outside…

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Let's Perk Up the Private Relations Cover

It’ll still be a month or so before I’m able to make Private Relations available for those of you who have e-readers, but I’m excited about freshening up the old cover. Private Relations was my very first novel. It’s the story of two men and three women who live together in a big house on the Jersey…

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Filling the New Bookcase

John and I moved into our North Carolina house five and a half years ago. We loved everything about the house except for one thing: it had no bookshelves. 4500 square feet and not a single bookshelf? Being  bookaholics, it was hard for us to believe–and even harder to deal with. We bought bookcases and…

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