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Archive for February 2011

Rules for Becoming a Full-Time Writer

For my blog post today, I’m stealing something Kasey Michaels wrote on the Novelists, Inc authors’ loop–with her permission of course. This was in response to a writer who is about to quit her day job to write full time. So much of what Kasey says resonates with me. Some of it makes me nod…

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Beaufort Research and the Spooky Thing

I thought I’d share some of the pictures from my three day research trip to Beaufort, North Carolina and tell you the slightly spooky thing that happened to me while I was there.  My character, twenty-two-year-old Robin, lives in Beaufort and I wanted to learn more about her everyday life. Robin manages a bed and…

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Making a Trailer for The Midwife's Confession

Yup, John and I are at it again! The Midwife’s Confession will be released on April 26th, so we thought we’d better get cracking on the trailer. I’ve done my part, which is the easy part. I wrote the narrative and today I recorded it under John’s direction. I’m getting better at this! It only…

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Beaufort, NC Research Trip

I’m in beautiful, charming Beaufort (NC, not SC, which I understand has equal charm), the partial setting for my work-in-progress. I’m here for three days and I wish it could be three weeks. I’m splitting my time between writing and familiarizing myself with the area (and, of course, the restaurants. . . ) .  Ideas…

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Fire and Rain is now an e-book!

Fire and Rain is now available for your Kindle through Amazon or your Nook through Barnes and Noble, as well as in any other e-reading format through (though it’s probably not yet in the Apple Bookstore. That takes a little longer). As you can see, I nixed all the cover ideas I’d been considering in favor…

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To E or not to E! That is the Question

I need your opinions, whether you read e-books or not. I have seven books that have long been out of print and I’ve now made four of them (Secret Lives, Reflection, Brass Ring and The Escape Artist) available as e-books. Very soon, I’ll have a fifth book up (Fire and Rain).  Now I’m trying to…

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Thanks, Kelly!

  Remember back in September when my online friend, Kelly, and I were stranded on Topsail Island for several days, cut off from the mainland (and food!) by flooded roads? Well, I do! I’m not heading to my condo if rain’s predicted ever again. But this makes it all worthwhile. In today’s mail, this beautiful quilt…

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