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Archive for January 2011

The Fire and Rain E-Book Needs a Cover!

I’m working on my out of print book, Fire and Rain, editing and formatting it to join the other older books I’ve put up as ebooks. Fire and Rain is the story of a small drought-ridden town in San Diego County, where buildings are burning and crops are dying. A stranger comes to town, promising he…

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Taking a Break

After my last blog post, I know you probably think I’m all work and no play, so here’s proof that I do take some down time. I have to admit, this musical interlude came as a surprise to me. John is a very good guitarist but hasn’t been playing in a while (long enough to have…

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My New Process

The Midwife’s Confession will be out in late April and I can’t wait, but it’s hard for me to believe that I need to turn in another book before then.  As my faithful blog readers know, I spent a couple of extra months revising The Midwife’s Confession, and while I’m absolutely thrilled with the way it…

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Home from the Isle of Palms

John and I just returned from spending the weekend on the gorgeous Isle of Palms, near Charleston, South Carolina, where I was part of an authors’ luncheon at the Wild Dunes Resort. It was so much fun to chat with readers, meet the four other authors who spoke on a panel with me, and spend time…

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Saturday I had the pleasure of babysitting my two grandsons. The six-year-old taught me how to play golf on the Wii while the four-year-old cheered us on. (I was not bad. I like this sports-in-the-living room concept. Then they let me ‘interview’ them to help me understand the four-year-old character in my work-in-progress. My favorite…

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Wanted: One Intriguing Title

Yes, it’s that time again! My work-in-progress, which I’ve been calling The Waif, needs a permanent title. My agent and editor and I are putting our heads together to come up with just the right title, but in the past you all have added some great ideas to the mix so I thought I’d ask…

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The United Kingdom's 'Breaking the Silence' Cover

  Correction: Yesterday, I put up this blog post stating that this is the Australian cover for Breaking the Silence. Wrong! It’s the UK cover. I love it so much. It has Dylan’s hot air balloons and quiet little Emma, wishing she could fly away. I also stated “the title is the same in the United States,…

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I Resolve to Skip Resolutions this Year

  Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the last few weeks have been glorious for you. We thought we’d spend the last week of 2010 at the beach, but a little snowstorm got in the way. Just as well. There was a lot to do here at home to gear up for some serious, serious…

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