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Archive for November 2010

It's Worse than I Expected

Want to see what some of my readers have been emailing me lately? “Shame on you!” “How can you be so deceptive? I’ll never read another of your books!!!” “I know you did this just to make a buck. Disgusting.” Honestly, it’s worse than I expected.  I have, however, appreciated the kind and thoughtful emails and…

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Voting Time: Brass Ring E-Book Cover

I’m having so much fun with these covers that I’m going to miss creating them when I have all my out of print books up as e-books. So far, I’ve made Secret Lives, The Escape Artist and Reflection available for e-book readers. Now I need to narrow down the cover choices for Brass Ring, so…

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Giving Up on Character Names

No, I’m not going to start numbering the people in my books, but I am hereby abandoning my obsessive need to give each character a brand new, never before used, name.  A couple of years ago, I asked my assistant to go through my books (seventeen at the time) and list all the first names…

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Working at Weymouth

I’m with my writer buds on our twice yearly retreat to the beautiful Weymouth Center for the Arts, where writers are allowed to come and work for free. Margaret Maron’s missing because of her accident (and we’re missing her!), but the rest of us–Mary Kay Andrews, Katy Munger, Sarah Shaber, Alexandra Sokoloff, Brenda Witchger and…

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Sneak Peek at the Keeper of the Light Cover!

I’ve been waiting for this one! Keeper of the Light has had a long history. It was my fourth novel, published way back in the early nineties and set in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It sold zillions (slight exaggeration) and was definitely my most popular novel until The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes came along.…

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A Happy/Unhappy Post

The happy part: my good friend and fellow writer Margaret Maron is going to be fine after being injured in a car accident yesterday. The unhappy part: yesterday was the launch of her new book, Christmas Mourning. Margaret missed her launch party at Quail Ridge Books last night and she’ll miss a couple of other appearances…

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