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Archive for June 2010

Getting a Book Ready for the E-World

While I was waiting to get feedback from my editor on The Midwife’s Confession, I was not goofing off. Not at all! Instead, I was preparing my third book, Secret Lives, to release as an e-book. It will be available on Kindle in a day or so and is already available on Smashwords. When it’s…

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How Do You Like A Story to End?

Ending a story is always a challenge. When I’m starting a book, I often figure out the ending first. It gives me a target–something to aim for as I write. The target often moves as my characters develop and the storyline changes, but that’s okay. If you’re a regular reader of my books, you know…

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Listen to Laurel Speak, Y'all!

Continuing the book info from the United Kingdom, I wanted to share the TV ad my publisher is showing in England for Before the Storm. Before the Storm was released in the UK in May and is doing very, very well there. The story is set in North Carolina and if you’re American, I think…

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UK Folks and Kids on the Covers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I love my book covers in the United Kingdom. In a couple of cases, I think they’re a tad misleading (Maggie is not a little girl in Secrets She Left Behind, but she was once a little girl, right?) Anyway, misleading or not, I love the unified look my publisher’s created for me across…

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Father's Day, Don Ho and the Hula

Today is Father’s Day, so I posted this picture of my Dad as my Facebook status. It generated much interest (and a few questions), so I decided to blog about it. My parents, both of whom I lost during this last decade, were . . . unusual. They were a pretty typical mom and dad…

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Booksigning in Topsail

I had a long but fun day today. I drove three hours to Topsail Island for a signing, then three hours home. It was hard to be in one of my favorite places in the world and not be able to spend more time there, but I have too much to do here at home.…

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"Humanity in Orange Shirts"

The best part of being a published author is being able to reach readers far and wide with my stories. Every once in a while, I’m reminded of exactly how far and wide, and it’s always an eye-opener. With their permission, I’d like to share with you some communication I’ve had recently with a not-your-typical-bookclub.…

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A Few Very Full Days

This is the view from my hotel window in Wilmington, NC. I love being on the river. . . the river that floods in The Lies We Told. Makes me glad I’m way up high! I’m here doing a couple of days of promotion.  Yesterday was a huge Luncheon With NC Authors, a fundraiser for…

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Unarmed but Dangerous

The Online Booksigning Continues: click here! Wish the pictures were better, but you get the idea. I’m part of a wonderful gang of authors here in North Carolina, and last night one of our members, the one-of-a-kind Margaret Maron, had us all over her house to greet the “Unarmed but Dangerous” authors who are touring…

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