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Archive for April 2010

The Many Lives of CeeCee Wilkes

The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes is back again, this time as a mass market (small-sized) paperback. Her cover is nearly identical to the trade paperback cover, which I’ve always loved. I’m so happy she’ll (yes, I think of this book as a ‘she’ instead of an ‘it’) have a chance to reach those readers…

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Bookclub Bonding

I had such a treat this evening. I received an email a while back from a woman named Jodi who invited me to visit her bookclub. All the women in her club work at a preschool in Cary, NC, but they spend a weekend together on Topsail Island each year. It so happened they’re on…

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The Joy of Third Drafts

Ah, Topsail Island. We just went out to dinner (shrimp and grits for John, shrimp scampi for me) and had a look at the sound on the way home. I snapped this picture with my phone. I’ve always loved how this particular house juts out into the water. The sun and sky were such an intriguing color. It…

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Know When to Fold 'Em

Whoa, this is what I look like after a few weeks of working ’round the clock. Tired. John snapped this pic of me at Starbucks this morning while I was writing. He said “Give me a big smile!” and I thought I was. I think I’m fried! It’s always this way in the month before…

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Sometimes Change is Good

If you had a chance to change something you created a decade ago, would you take it?  I have that opportunity as some of my older books are being reissued, and since I’ve been asked if the reissued books are identical to the originals, I thought I’d talk about that here. The truth is, it varies from book to…

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I Honestly Don't Know How I Wrote that First Book!

I’m not talking about how hard it was to come up with the idea; that had been rolling around in my mind since I was twelve. I’m not talking about the challenge of structuring the story; I made it simple and told it in chronological order. I’m not talking about creating believable characters; I’d known…

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Pre-Release Peek at The Lies We Told Video!

I know I should wait until The Lies We Told is available before sharing the video with the world, but I love it so much I can’t wait! I’ll tuck it away after this blog post and bring it back when the book is released, but I thought you might enjoy hearing how John and…

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