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Archive for March 2010

She's Back! The Return of Summer's Child

Win one of two autographed copies of Summer’s Child! I’ll select at random two people who comment on this blog post by Saturday April 3rd at midnight EST. Good luck! When I was a kid, my grandmother told me about a friend who was walking across a field when she saw an overturned basin. She kicked the…

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Is your name Sam? Probably not. Neither is mine. Neither are six of the seven major characters in my work-in-progress, The Midwife’s Confession. But last night, my Word program suddenly decided that if the name Sam was good enough for the guy who really is named Sam in the story, well then, it’s good enough for…

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My Life Right Now

Well, first of all, it’s very good! My life, I’m talking about. Spring is here, I feel great, I’m working out and have discovered muscles I haven’t seen in about fifteen years, I’ve got a super family and wonderful friends, two goofy happy dogs, and an ever-expanding legion of readers who appreciate my books. It’s…

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Head Hopping

Six weeks from the deadline for The Midwife’s Confession, I’m doing some deep thinking about whose head I’m in. One of the most important things a writer must decide when starting a novel is point-of-view. Will the story be told from an ominiscient perspective in which the narrator knows everything? Or will one character alone tell…

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Excerpts Galore!

Summer’s Child is available for preorder now. I just did some minor updating on my website, adding pages for my reissued Summer’s Child and the upcoming, brand new The Lies We Told. That means you are now able to read excerpts of each of these books (along with excerpts from many of my previous books, if…

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My Work-in-Progress (and a request for help)

I’m a month and a half away from deadline on my twentieth book, The Midwife’s Confession, and I’ve had some requests to tell you a bit about it. Those of you who’ve read my blog for at least a couple of years might remember this picture. I love it and have it on my desktop to…

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My Newest Fan

This is Maddie. Short for Madison. Madison belongs to Angie, the receptionist at my rheumatologist’s office. Angie likes my books, but she had no idea that Maddie shared her ‘taste’. Maddie’s a speed eater, devouring The Bay at Midnight in one sitting, just like my most faithful readers. Angie asked me to sign what remains of…

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The Last Song

Today is our last full day on Tybee Island. All five of us have worked so hard and achieved or surpassed our goals each day. So far. I have some hefty goals for today and can’t wait to buckle down. I’m so grateful to Mary Kay Andrews for inviting us to her beautiful cottage in…

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And Then There were Five

Second full day on Tybee Island. 6 pages so far toward my daily goal of 10. Margaret snapped this pic of me happily typing away. One of my characters whom I pictured staid and reserved and very serious, turns out to be irreverent and a little kooky. I’m glad she didn’t wait any longer to let me…

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