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Archive for June 2009

One of My Favorite Authors, Emilie Richards

I miss Emilie! When I lived in Virginia, we got together regularly to talk and laugh, eat wonderful food (which Emilie usually made; she’s an amazing cook), and most importantly, brainstorm our works-in-progress. We knew each other’s books almost as well as we did our own. I left Virginia for North Carolina four years ago,…

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Gimme Shelter: The Winner!

Well, my loyal readers, you outdid yourselves this time! I’ve never had such an enormous response to one of my blog questions, and you made my job extremely difficult. You offered many, many ideas that would work well as a name for my fictional spit of water-logged land, and I had a hard time choosing. It was Glen,…

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Gimme Shelter (and win one of my books)

If you’re near Wilmington, NC Friday evening June 26th, stop by Two Sisters’ Bookery between 4 and 7. I’d love to meet you! There is a setting in my work-in-progress, The Lies We Told, that I need to name. You, my readers, have helped me name both books and characters in the past, so I’m turning…

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For You Thriller Readers Out There

I’ve invited thriller author Stacey Cochran to chat with us today. I met Stacey a few years ago when he and I spoke about publishing on a panel at Quail Ridge Books here in Raleigh. He’s such a nice guy, it’s hard to believe he could possibly write such scary books! Without further ado, here’s Stacey.…

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Speaking to Book Clubs (Anywhere!)

Do you know that I speak to bookclubs via speakerphone? There have been some weeks when I make a call every single night. I always promise 20 minutes, but I have so much fun talking that I may ramble on for 30. The time just flies by. This week I spoke with a book club…

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"No Thinking. That Comes Later"

I’m watching the old (2000) movie, Finding Forrester, as I work on this blog post. Have you seen it? It’s the story of an aging agoraphobic author played by Sean Connery (the only actor worthy of the name Bond, in my opinion) and his young protoge’, a brilliant inner city kid named Jamal. Forrester tells Jamal…

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My Curious Readers

Today I received an email jam-packed with questions from a reader, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer her questions along with some of the others I’ve recently received. Here we go!   Q. I love your books and when I tell my friends about them, they ask what category they are in and I never…

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Speaking at Quail Ridge Books

  I always love speaking at Quail Ridge, one of my two favorite Independent Bookstores (the second being Quarter Moon Books in Topsail Beach). Quail Ridge does a good job getting the word out and it has a wonderful setup for the audience. I had such a good time. My favorite part of a speaking…

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Marcus's Operation Bumblebee Tower

If you’ve read Before the Storm or Secrets She Left Behind, you know that my character, Marcus, lives in an unusual house. After World War II, the US Navy ran a secret program called Operation Bumblebee  on Topsail Island (where I just happen to be for the weekend). The program was designed to develop and test supersonic…

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