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Archive for May 2009

How Do You Read?

Want to win a copy of The Courage Tree? Check out Emilie Richards’ interview of me on her blog and leave a comment. Good luck! In my last post (which must have set a record for the number of comments on my blog!), several people mentioned two quirks about reading novels that fascinated me. The…

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Secrets She Left Behind

Today’s the big day! Secrets She Left Behind should be in stores this morning. It’s the story of a family–a complex, extended, messy, and wildly secretive family. It’s suspenseful and surprising, poignant and ultimately uplifting. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!  If you haven’t seen the book trailer for Secrets, you can…

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Please Welcome Maureen Sherbondy to the Blog

I invited my friend and fellow author, Maureen Sherbondy, to post on my blog today. When I first moved to North Carolina, I continued my habit of writing at Starbucks. One day I noticed a beautiful woman sitting at a nearby table. She’d type a little, then stare into space, then type a little more.…

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RedRoom Picks My Video as Video of the Week!

Wow, this is so nice!, which is a community of readers and published authors, selected one of my writing videos as its video of the week. I’m so pleased, and pleased for John as well, since he produced it (he also produced my video for Secrets She Left Behind. You can see all my…

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Podcast, Newsletters, Kindle and Song

I played around with this title until I liked the rhythm of it. A more apt subject heading might be “miscellany”, but that doesn’t have much of a ring to it. So here we go!   Podcast: One of my neighbors, high-schooler Kelly Williamson, had to create a podcast for a school assignment and she asked if…

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A Few More Topsail Island Party Pix

With my honey, John. So rare for him to be in front of the camera rather than behind it!                   With some of the guests–Mike and Linda Hendricks and Sandy Sly. Everyone on Topsail Island looks so tanned and healthy. It’s clear that beach living agrees with…

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Why I'm Tweeting

                  The short answer is: I don’t know. The long answer probably has something to do with human psychology. Or, as in the title of my long-ago college textbook, Abnormal Psychology. I don’t really care. What I can say about Twitter after three days of tweeting is…

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Topsail Island Contest Ends; New Contest Begins

Well, this contest was such fun, and so many of you were in the running with the correct answers from Before the Storm. Here they are:  What was the name of Jamie’s church? Free Seekers. We also accepted Free Seekers Church or Chapel. Who was Jamie’s nemesis on Topsail Island? We accepted either Reverend Bill…

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Oh My Gosh!

Well, this is so cool. I was searching back through my old blog  for a particular entry and stumbled across this one. Check it out to see “me” a bit more than a year ago. I blogged about how, as I wrote ’round the clock, all I did was sit in front of the computer and stuff…

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