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Archive for March 2009

Work in Progress: the Title Search

Here we go again! Last year I asked you to put on your thinking caps to help me title my work-in-progress. Frequent commenter Denise came up with Secrets She Left Behind, which my publisher, agent and I all agreed was a winner. (Look for it in your bookstores on May 26th). Now it’s time to give the…

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The Courage Tree

For years, my readers (and I) have been hoping that some of my older books would become available again. Now it’s finally happened, and the reissue of The Courage Tree is only the beginning. Breaking the Silence will be released late in the year, and next year, Summer’s Child and Cypress Point will hit the stores.…

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Need a Chuckle?

                            As some of you may know, for the past several years Google has made books “searchable” online. In other words, they scanned nearly all books–regardless of whether or not said books were still copyrighted–to make the contents searchable by anyone on the…

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Welcome, Guest Blogger Therese Fowler

From Diane: When I posted (ad nauseum) about my outline process recently, friend and fellow author, Therese Fowler, piped in to say that she never outlines. I thought it would be fun to hear how Therese works so well without a net. I’ve read Souvenir–a poignant and beautifully crafted story–and look forward to reading Reunion.…

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Thank you!

Do you ever suddenly fill to the brim with gratitude? Is there any better feeling in the world? I read a new message on my guestbook tonight from someone who said she loved one of my books. I often receive similar messages, but for some reason this one made me pause, take a deep breath, and smile to…

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The Challenge of Promoting a Sequel

How do I avoid letting the cat out of the bag? I’m working on the updates for my website and have discovered a major challenge: how do I tell my readers about Secrets She Left Behind without revealing too much about Before the Storm? You see, Secrets She Left Behind stands alone just fine, but…

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Thank You, UK Readers!

Last week, The Lost Daughter (the title of The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes in the United Kingdom) was #5 on the UK Heatseeker’s List, which measures the popularity of books by new (to the UK) authors. This week, it’s at #2! I’m thrilled and grateful. I know it’s because of the painted toenails! A big…

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We’re about halfway through creating the one-to-two minute mini interviews I wrote about in my last post. Torture!  Probably much more so for John than for me. He’s being incredibly patient. I actually hope that my part in the interviews is at least 90% over, though I know John’s editing is only beginning. I’d divided my…

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Getting Ready for the Mini-Interviews

Tomorrow, the good quality video camera we’re renting will arrive. Then this weekend, John will be filming my “Mini-Interviews,” during which I plan to answer some of the questions I’m most commonly asked by my readers. When my website is updated (soon, I hope) I’ll get those interviews up to share. John’s been after me for…

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